always always ALWAYS wash your hands before you handle your reptiles, after you handle your reptiles, and between different reptiles

or i’ll find you (✿)


did you really stretch all the way out of your hide like that just so you could lay your head on the eco earth

Sometimes you just need to experience that earthy feel.

First frog of 2014! Found at 12:19 AM, April 22… not outside, but in my kitchen.

This is a spring peeper or a chorus frog (Pseudacris crucifer), which are often mistaken around here for the gray tree frog (Hyla versicolor) because of how common it is to find them sticking to surfaces. This little guy here turned into more of a rescue mission than a discovery. After finding a frog on my counter, it decided it would be a great idea to hop into the grate of the adjacent stove and fall to what would have probably resulted in its death.

I had to conduct an operation on my stove to remove both the grate and the filter, where I spent a good amount of time elbow-deep in the stove attempting to rescue it. This picture was taken post-extraction.